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So What Is A Home Inspection?

 It is defined as a comprehensive visual observation of the home. 

~ What does that mean? ~ 

No inspector can open up walls and such, but many problems have some real telltale clues we know how to look for. We are there to detect what might be going wrong and what is right with a home so you can make an informed decision.

We point these out, make recommendations and report it.

Full-Service Classic Structural Inspection

Our Classic Structural Inspection Is A Complete & Thorough 

Full-Service Home Inspection Of All Installed Accessible Components

By an highly experienced husband & wife team.

Top to Bottom, Roof to Foundation, interior, exterior, structure, electrical, electrical stress, plumbing, plumbing stress, HVAC, heating system carbon monoxide check, air conditioning, moisture issues, fire, safety, fireplace, well water & septic system stress flow rate to the HUD standard or better. 

(Please see below for septic inspection, this is a separate service.) 

PLUS at NO Additional Charge, get a Pest Inspection with the 

NPMA-33 Form, for your Bank by a D.E.C. Pesticide Technician License #T5863908 and a Visual MOLD inspection by an NYS-DOL Mold Assessor License #MA-0000098 


Our custom printed photo report has been developed over 14 years of inspecting. It is straightforward with over 4 dozen photographs, custom narratives, and recommendations. Unlimited personal consultation. 


No need to log into a server to view your report, you paid for it, 

we'll send a digital PDF copy you can share with anyone! Also, included is a finished color laser printed hard copy report professionally bound and mailed to you for your permanent records. 


We Proudly Service From Crown Point to Saratoga to Indian Lake 

And Everywhere In Between!


"My Attorney was right, for what that house cost, the Inspection was little money well spent" H.K. Queensbury, NY


"They caught things we never even considered" J.S. Paramus, NJ


"Very thorough, excellent bedside manner" M.B. NYC

Home Inspection Cost

Full-Service Home Inspection for an average-sized house.

 "Classic Structural Inspection" including a Mold & Pest Inspection! 

 ~ Competitively Priced At $395 ~ 

*Priced based on local radius of Warren County, size of home & installed items. Additional Services Are Listed Below.


Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that is considered one of the leading causes of lung cancer. We provide reliable and proven Radon Testing. Make it part of your Home Inspection.


We can provide you with a variety of water testing to suit your needs. Combine this with your home inspection for a complete picture of your new home.


NYS Licensed Mold Assessor at your service. 

We do Bank & Commercial work including Air & Surface Testing. 

Home Testing Available For Allergy Sufferers

 License # MA-000098

Septic System

Individual Waste Disposal Systems, as they are known can cause a lot of headaches, as well as expenses. This link provides some nice graphic information for your review provided by "The National Association Of Certified Home Inspectors". We recommend an "OPEN PIT" Inspection, so you'll know just what is down in the ground. We can guide you to reputable local Septic Contractors.

NEW LAWS in the Lake George Region, some require a Town Inspection.